Alice is the founder of LuckyEmile Wiki. They are a big fan of Touhou Project, but also like My Little Pony. Their friends got them into Hetalia as well, which, in their opinion, is cool.


Quote from Alice on the 5th of July 2014:

"Okay, I have brown(?) irises, short, brown-ish hair, I am flat-chested, and I have rather long legs and arms. My skin is INCREDIBLY white (what happens if you don't go in the sun) and my canine teeth are longer than average (am I a vampire?) ... Also, i am rather thin as I never took an interest in food...

Oh, i almost forgot... I also wear braces"

As for what she likes to wear:

"If i could only wear on group of garments for the rest of my life, it would be a red tie, a white shirt, a black skirt, black tights (or knee-socks) and cute black shoes... Either that or underwear, then i could just put other clothes on top~"

Soon enough, she dyed her hair purple, mainly due to the fact she loves un-natural hair colours like red, green, blue, but thought purple would be quite fitting. During 2015, her ribs, as well as arm and leg bones, started to protrude, due to mainly a lack of interest in eating.

Her braces were removed on the 25th March 2015.

Nuclear Scientist Edit

Alice is a self-proclaimed Nuclear Scientist. Her interest in this topic started due to her growing interest of Utsuho Reiuji, a character from Touhou Project, who could manipulate Nuclear Fusion. She decided to look into Nuclear Fusion, Fission and even Cold Fusion!

Alice has made many references to Nuclear Science, especially Nuclear Fusion, in her works, most notably in Elementia. She also constantly runs a joke about two Hydrogen Nuclei performing a "Fusion Dance" from Dragon Ball (Z), albeit only using the vocals due to a lack of limbs, to form a nuclei of Helium-4.

By the time Alice got to Nuclear Physics in her school course, she had already educated herself on almost all the aspects and was a genius when it came to the lessons, even being complimented by the teacher. According to the aforementioned teacher, Alice knew more than she did and even offered her to opportunity to teach the class. A quote that stuck with Alice, due to its humour, was "her and her [Nuclear] Fusion", describing her massive interest in the topic.

On her end of topic test on the topic, she was able to get an A* and near 100%, only making a silly mistake on a question on alpha particles, which is decay rather than nuclear physics... It was said in a report on her that she "take great interest in physics, especially nuclear physics".