layout notesEdit

Area1: Goomba VillageEdit

-midboss: 3 Red Goomba Guards

-dialogue: Goombalice/Alice (Goombella's daughter?)

-gameplay: follow ^ to edge of Goomba Village

-midboss: 4 Blue Goomba Guards

-Dialouge: Goombalice/Alice

End of Area 1

Area 2: Forest PathEdit

-gameplay: walk through forest

-boss: Ninja Woman

-gameplay: walk through forest, get to end

End if Area 2

Area 3: Goomboss' castle outskirtsEdit

-gameplay: climb mountain

-Dialogue: Goombalice/Alice (who caught up with you)

(^the gate is locked by two keys. The right side is blocked by a rock. Goombalice/Alice starts mining on it, whilst you must go left)

Area 3A: left pathEdit

-gameplay: follow path

-dialogue: Sledge Boss

-boss: Sledge Boss: given item: blue key

-gameplay: head back to castle

Area 3:Edit

-dialogue: Goombalice/Alice

(^she has mined the boulder out of the way)

-gameplay: exit are to get next key

Area 3B: right pathEdit

-gameplay: follow path

-gameplay: interact with warp pipe at the end of path (jump, hammer, etc.)

-dialogue: Mr. Fire Trap

-boss: Mr. Fire Trap and his Venus Fire Trap minions

(Given item: red key)

-cutscene: Mr. Fire Trap defeated, new path opened, enter Buzzy

-dialogue: Buzzy (Buzzy Beetle Shop Keeper)

-gameplay: follow Buzzy to her store

-optional mission: buy the Buzzy Beetle Suit* off her for 200coins.

-gameplay: head back

  • Buzzy Beetle Suit: "grants Mario pyrodurability and +5defence"

Area 3:Edit

-dialogue Goombalice/Alice -cutscene: unlock gate -gameplay: enter castle

Area 4: Goomboss' CastleEdit

-gameplay: journey through the castle

-cutscene: meeting the Monty Mole partner

-dialogue: Monty Mole

-gameplay: journey further into castle, with the help of your new partner

-get to stairs

Area 4A: top floorEdit

-gameplay: journey further into the castle

-gameplay: head outside

Area4B: great castle bridgeEdit

-gameplay: cross bridge

-cutscene: enter "Tanker" (true name TBA)

-dialogue: "Tanker"

-boss: "Tanker"

-dialogue: "Tanker"

-gameplay: cross bridge and enter main fort

Area 4C: main fortEdit

-gameplay: make it to the throne room

-midboss: red goomba, blue goomba, green goomba and black goomba

-gameplay: enter throne room

-dialogue: Goomboss

-cutscene: Goomboss has captured Goombalice/Alice. He threaten to kill her if Mario attacks. However, she is saved by Buzzy.

-chapter boss: Goomboss

-dialogue: Goomboss

-cutscene: Goombalice is able to take over the kingdom,as the goombas are freed from Goomboss's rule. She is now Princess Goombalice/Princess Alice. Everyone is happy, when Ninja enters. She steals his crown, since it has something the villains need in the main jewel. She escapes through the portal. Mario says his goodbyes and chases the ninja by jumping into the portal.