Elemental Edit

Pyrokinesis - manipulation of fire

Infernokinesis - manipulation of hellfire

Cryokinesis - manipulation of ice

Blizzokinesis - manipulation of unmeltable ice

Hydrokinesis - manipulation of water

Agrokinesis - manipulation of plants

Geokinesis - manipulation of earth

Aerokinesis - manipulation of air

Electrokinesis / Electromastery - manipulation of electricity and/or sparks

Non-Elemental Manipulations Edit

Telekinesis - the ability to move things with ones mind

Time manipulation - name TBA

Performance Edit

Super Strength - superhuman lifting and striking abilities

Hyper Strength - strength leagues above Super Strength

Super Speed - superhuman movement abilities

Hyper Speed - movement abilities leagues above Super Speed

Sonic Speed - ability to move at transonic speeds (mach 0.9 - 1.1)

Supersonic Speed - ability to move at supersonic speeds (mach 1.1 - 5)

Hypersonic Speed - ability to move at hypersonic speeds (mach 5 - 10)

High-Hypersonic Speed - ability to move at high-hypersonic speeds (mach 10 - 25)

??? Speed - the gap between mach 25 and the speed of light

Light Speed - ability to move as fast as light

Post-photo speed - ability to move faster than light

Misc. Edit

Flight - the ability to fly

Invisibility - ability to cloak oneself from the sight of others

Forcefield - ability to create a shield around oneself

Teleportation - ability to travel, or have something else travel, elsewhere in an instant

Time Travel - ability to travel to another point in time

Cloning / Multiplication - ability to create copies of oneself or other things.

Healing - ability to heal oneself or others

Mind Control / Hypnosis - ability to control others