Marisa Kirisame is a kleptomanic human magician, and on the main protagonists of Touhou Project by ZUN.

Information Edit

Personality Edit

Garments Edit

Magicain's wear Edit

As a human magician, Marisa idolises witches (yōkai magicians) and decides to dress like a tradition one. She wears a black dress with a white apron and underblouse, which usually has short sleeves. She also wears her trade-mark "witch's hat", a black witch hat with a white of purple bow. Occasionally, she will wear a brown belt-esque clothe round her waist, and another going from her neck to the top of her chest.

Pyjamas Edit

Alike Reimu, Marisa wears a black pyjama blouse and black pyjama bottoms when she goes to bed.

Story Edit

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