This is the 7th installment to the Paper Kirby Series. Basically, I give all my Credit to the following:

ScorchingCliffs: For making me inspired to make this after his game: Paper Mario and the Metora Kingdom.

Alex Covas: For making the videos that inspired me to make Paper Kirby a game.

Lucky Emile: For inspiring me about Fashion Characters.

And the People that were made into Party Members on My Profile, They will be included into X Rpg Adventure!

Story IntroEdit

It starts of with a story.

"Ahem, Today...... I will tell you a story of a great legacy. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. The kingdom had a crown that had magical powers. King Colen wore this crown. It was soon named the Magicana Crown. Then, Queen Jayla and King Colen soon had a child. They named her, Solena. Soon, Queen Jayla wanted the Crown on her head. She used black magic to make her self powerful enough to hold the Magicana Crown. But then, she turned herself into a shadow. She soon could never hold the Crown with the guards protecting the castle thinking she was dead. She soon decided to destroy the baby. The king soon knew that darkness took over her heart. He abandoned her in the Distortion Realm. He gave the Jewels of the Crown to the 8 wisest people in the whole Kingdom. Finally, he gave the Magicora Kingdom to his daughter. Soon, he passed away. This battle still goes on as we speak.  Indeed.... This is the story of the Magicora Kingdom and its crown. This is where our story begins"................ 

Prologue: A Land of Legacy.Edit

It all starts of with Princess Belle, Kirby, Mayor, Blue, and Meta-Knight on a ship going to the Magicora Kingdom. "Princess, we have almost made it to the sacred kingdom." said Mayor. "It is important to show up very formal when we meet Princess Solena". "Don't worry Mayor, all will be fine, isn't that right, Kirby?" said Princess Belle. Kirby nods. "We are here, your highness." said Meta-Knight.