Area 1:Edit

A small village. Most houses are inaccessible. It is populated by a few friendly Goombas and has no enemies apart from the midbosses. There is a small item shop to restock on items, but that is about it. Not very interesting and quite baron. The colours are very dull and bleak, to match the feel of the poor Goombas caught up in Goomboss' rule.

Area 2:Edit

Densely populated by trees. A few puzzles, but it is mainly follow the path in terms of gameplay. Enemies found are Fuzzies and Green Fuzzies. The Ninja is also fought half way through. There is also a secret path leading to the EX boss.

Area 3:Edit

A tall mountain with isn't too hard to climb. Halfway through, there is a cave, but not much else. There are a few puzzles. Enemies include Piranha Plants on the outside, and Buzzy Beetles in the cave. The castle outskirts are rocky and have a dirt path leading left and right. The key feature if the large gate and not much else is there.

The left path is rocky and has Hammer Bros. as enemies.

The right path is also rocky and has Piranha Plants as enemies.

Buzzy's Item Store is a small shop with a few items. It is surrounded by cliffs.

Area 4:Edit

A plain castle. There is a room with dirt in it where you meet Monty, and serval other dirt rooms after. Enemies include Red and Blue Goombas

4A: full of lava. Enemies include Red, Blue and Helmet Goombas, as well Podoboos.

4B: a bridge where you battle "Tanker"

4C: a few velvety rooms, leading up to the throne room. The throne room has a lava pit and a giant throne. Helmet Goombas are the only enemies.

Buzzy's item store:Edit

It sells many items, but its main product is the Buzzy Beetle Suit (200 coins). A few quirky quotes are used when browsing through the stores ware.

Buzzy: The Buzzy Beetle Suit is made of the same material as my shell!

Buzzy: The suit is NOT made of Buzzy Beetles... I think...

Buzzy: do you like music? I love "The Beetles", they are the best!*

Buzzy: why not buy some recovery items, just in case.

Buzzy: we try to sell stuff at low prices...

Buzzy: i really do enjoy customers

obviously a parody of The Beatles*