Fuzzy: area 2: 2HP: 1DEF: 1ATK

Green Fuzzy: area 2: 5HP: 1DEF: 2DEF

Hammer Bro.: area 3: 10HP: 3ATK, 3DEF

Piranha plant: area 3: ?HP, 3ATK, 1DEF

Podoboo: area 4: ?HP, 5ATK, 1DEF

Helmet Goomba: area4: ?HP, 3ATK, 5DEF

Red Goomba: (same as midboss) area 4

Blue Goomba: (same as midboss) area 4

Buzzy Beetle (?): ?HP, 1ATK, 5DEF


Red goombas: 5HP (15HP total) 3ATK, 1DEF

Blue Goombas: 4HP (16HP total) 1ATK, 3DEF

Venus Fire Trap: 5HP, 2ATK, 1DEF

Green Goomba: 7HP, 1ATK, 1DEF

Black Goomba: 7HP, 3ATK, 3DEF

Beta Bosses:Edit

Ninja: 150HP

Sledge Boss: 160

Mr. Fire Trap: 170

"Tanker": 180

Goomboss(first): 25

Goomboss(second): 75

Goomboss(final): 100

Goomboss(total): 200

Alpha Bosses:Edit

Ninja: 20HP,

Sledge Boss: 50HP, 10ATK, 5DEF

Mr. Fire Trap: 50HP, 5ATK, 10DEF

"Tanker": 65HP, 10ATK, 10DEF

Goomboss(first): 10HP, 5ATK, 5DEF

Goomboss(second): 30HP, 20ATK, 10 DEF

Goomboss(final): 50HP, 10ATK, 5DEF

Goomboss(total): 80HP

Final decision bosses:Edit


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