Ruined Dragon
Ruined Dragon is a late-game boss in Super Mario Odyssey, fought in the Ruined Kingdom. Apparently a grand rival to the town(?) of Crumbleden, he was challenged by many swordsman, but was victorious over all of them, and eventually reduced Crumbleden to ruins. Many years later, he aids Bowser in trying to stop Mario, however it is unknown if this was wilfully, or due to being mind controlled. Mario and Cappy are able to best him, however, and become the first to slay the giant dragon

Ruined Dragon Edit

Tier: At least 8-C, likely 7-B or higher

Name: Ruined Dragon, Lord of Lightning, The Lord of Lightning

Origin: Super Mario Odyssey

Age: Unknown, but ancient

Classification: Dragon

Powers and abilities: Electromastery, flight, summoning, breath attack, can create electric wheels (some with homing properties) and electric fences with his powers. Possibly cryokinesis (the floor of the tower was frozen in ice in his rematch)

Attack Potency: At least Building level (Was able to partly destroy the tower in Crumbleden, which was built with advanced construction techniques to not only be durable , but to be able to resist the dragon’s attacks. Defeated a swordsman, sending their sword flying from the tower to the altar.), likely City Level (was able to shoot down the Odyssey, which had a completed sail and was powered by several Power Moons) or higher

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown, at least Class K (can support its own body weight whilst holding onto the tower, even when out of energy. Can support Bowser on his head.)

Striking Strength: At least Building level, likely higher

Durability: Unknown (sword wounds did not affect him at all, seems to be only hurt by being ground pounded on his weak spot.), likely at least Building level (appears to have crashed through a tower built to withstand his attacks)

Stamina: Relatively high, as he is able to fly for long periods of time. However, attacking appears to drain his energy, and he will need to rest to regain his stamina. After his defeat, he appears to have been drained of energy completely .

Range: Tens of metres with ranged attacks, possibly higher. Hundreds of metres with entire body.

Standard Equipment: Crown on his head

Intelligence: Capable to speaks and thought out attack patterns, and could defeat all challengers from Crumbleden, implying he has quite high intelligence.

Weaknesses: His attacks appear to drain his stamina, and his forehead is his weak spot. Appears to under mind control from Bowser, perhaps due to his “crown”.


  • Shot down the completed Odyssey.
  • Defeated the swordsmen of Crumbleden, even knocking one’s sword into the sky, sending it into the Altar. The latter was implied to be an electrically-charged sword from a skilled swordsman.
  • Was seen as such a threat to Crumbleden that its residents used their durable construction techniques to build a electrodurable tower that could withstand his attacks, and he still managed to reduce it to ruins.