Super Mario Bros. is a game, based off LuckyEmile's imagination. It features many past elements, as well as other franchises being included.

Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Character Image Description
The Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Clad in red, this plumber, and doctor, and party thrower, and golfer, and kart-racer, and etc. is going to save his Kingdom, as per-usual.
The cowardly brother of Mario. With an 'L' on his cap, he will even over-come his fear of ghosts to help his Bro.!
The egg-laying Dino who is Mario's best-friend. This isn't a surprise, as he took care of the hero when he as an infant.
A yellow Yoshi who's new on the hero duty, but that doesn't mean he is gonna be bad at it. He'll do anything for the Mushroom Kingdom, even risk his life!
The infamous circle has left the Pac-Labyrinth to go to the Mushroom Kingdom to join a new friend called Mario.
Princess Peach
Peach redesign
The princess with a reputation for getting kidnapped. She has been kidnapped again in this adventure, but it won't be as normal as everyone thinks.
Rosalina SMG
The pretty princess of the Marioverse. She has come to assist Mario and his friends to save the Kingdom, and who can blame her?
This cute little Star Spirit has met up with Mario and pals for another adventure. Just this time, she isn't going to go on the adventure, it is a risky business.
Toad The cowardly little Mushroom Retainer was taken along with the princess. He takes his job seriously, but he still can't get over his fear of Bowser.
Toadsworth The care-taker of Princess Peach. He worries when the princess is kidnapped, some say when she's gone, he goes crazy. He was kidnapped along with her this time, so at least he can keep her safe...

Villains Edit

Character Image Description
The King of Koopa. He increased his number of troops and is ready for action... or so he thinks.
Kamek Bowser's assistant and care-taker. He uses his magic to increase the strength of Bowser's main minions.
Goomba The main goomba of the troop. He may look weak, but don't let your eyes deceive you... (actually, without Kamek's magic, he is pretty weak.)
Koopa The Koopa who was promoted to head Koopa. He has more moves than an average Koopa, even taking a few hits before retreating to his shell.
Boo This Boo was protomed mainly for her possessing ability, but hey, she is still as shy as any other Boo.
H. Bro. A Hammer Bro. made of paper! Due to this, he has a higher HP level and can flip between dimensions, causing him to be unseen to the eye.
Master Hand A huge hand who works with Bowser now. He is one of Bowser's elite minions and it's not hard to see why.
Blinky The red nemesis of Pacman has also fled and joined with Bowser. He was set to head of the undead, but that isn't much to be proud of.
Sacboy This little man made of cloth was made to be a "Mario-killer", literally. He doesn't work for Bowser, instead, he wants to destroy Mario so Sony become the best company. 
Paragoomba This winged Goomba was asked to join the troop by his cousin. He joined willingly. Oh, the braveness of a Goomba.
Bullet Bill This high-speeded Bullet joined the troop with no mess or fuss. He somehow floats above the ground all the time, and has control, separating him from normal Bullet Bills.
Dry Bones This undead fan of the Koopa King joined the troop in order to help his role-model. He is unkillable and is much more powerful than your average Koopa Skeleton.
Cheep Cheep This aquatic new member of the troop patrols the seas in the name of her leader. She joined the troop to get revenge on Mario for killing her friend with a fireball in the past.
Jack. O Goomba Jack Oliver Goomba is a Goomba who loves to wear a pumpkin on his head. He may look a bit stupid, as it certainly isn't a fashion-statement, but it does give him some extra defence.
Octoboo Never given a description... odd...

Story (intro) Edit

Bowser is in the Dark Realm, his own Kingdom. He looks at his army: Kamek, Goomba, Koopa, Boo and H. Bro., not much... Bowser then turns on a 3DS-like machine and asks Boo to possess a stlyus and write the following down the members of the army. Boo writes down the five in the Dark Realm and some others: Octoboo and Master Hand. Bowser remembers them and decides he needs more minions. He orders Goomba and H. Bro. to find some more minions. They come back with a Paragoomba, Bullet Bill and Cheep Cheep. Bowser then calls a group meeting. In the meeting, Koopa brings Jack O. Goomba, who joins the army. A Dry Bones, who is a fan of Bowser joins too, due to his unique abilities.

Meanwhile, Mario is relaxing with Luigi, Yoshi, Glowy and Princess Peach under the shade of a tree on a hill. However, three sparks of lightning form in the sky and strike down on the ground. A warp-pipe forms at where the lightning struck. Out of the warp-pipe, comes a yellow circle with two black eyes. He introduces himself as Pacman and tells Mario he followed an enemy of his, called Blinky, to this universe. Mario teams up with Pacman and they go to Peach's Castle for a meeting. 

Meanwhile, Blinky comes out a warp-pipe in Bowser's Dark Realm. He joins the Koopa Troop and becomes leader of the undead minions. However, a third warp-pipe spawns, and a shadowy figure appears out of it. 

At Peach's Castle, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Glowy, Peach, Toadsworth and Toad are told by Pacman about Blinky and his escape. Pacman says that Blinky used a pipe to go to the Dark Realm and Pacman followed him, but was sent to the wrong destination. Mario agrees to help Pacman defeat Blinky, but as they are about to set off, the Kingdom is covered with purple clouds. Bowser's flagship flies up to Peach's Castle with the rest of his fleet, and Bowser enters the Castle. Mario goes to defend the princess, but is attacked by Bowser's army. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Glowy and Pacman are knocked out and Bowser kidnaps Peach and the two Toads.

Mario wakes up in the Comet Obsveratory. He and his friends were rescued by Rosalina, who teleported them to the starship in the nick-of-time. Mario thanks Rosalina and they land in the Mushroom Kingdom. Rosalina then shows Mario that Starlow had joined her and that they will help Mario. The Comet Obsveratory is then used as a hub.

Worlds Edit

World Name Theme Bosses Description
1 Mushroom Kingdom Plains Grassland Fort: Goomba

Castle: False Bowser

The grassy Plains Mario is very familiar with.
2 Wet Wet Kingdom Ocean Water Fort: Cheep Cheep

Castle: Cheepskipper

This place is huge, the sea goes on for miles! Well, might as well just keep swimming.
3 Dry Dry Desert Desert Fort: H. Bro.

Castle: Mummipokey

One of the driest deserts, and just a second ago, Mario was soaked.
4 Ghostly Ruins Ghost Fort: Boo

Castle: Dry Bones

The creepy ruins of a huge ghost house. It's to creepy to go inside, so let's just hang round the outside parts...
5 Poisionous Jungle Jungle Fort: Koopa

Castle: Toxic Piranha Plant

The jungle is full of toxic water so mind your step. The place is also full of trees, but they aren't that much of a threat.
6 Cloudy Court Sky Fort: Paragoomba

Castle: Master Hand

The clouds high in the sky of the Mushroom World. If you fall, it's a LONG way down.
7 Icy Dream Land Ice Fort: Jack O Goomba

Castle: Icy Cheepskipper

The slippery, slide-y ice world is quite fun to play in, just try not to slip on the ice.
8 Mount Mushroom Mountain Fort: Bullet Bill

Castle: Kamek

Mount Mushroom is one of the tallest mountains in the Mushroom World. You'll have to scale it to reach Bowser, but it has to be worth it.
9 Dark Realm Lava Fort: Blinky

Castle: Bowser

The Dark Realm, home of the Koopa King himself. Blinky is also here. Show those bosses who's boss!
10 Sacboy's Dimension Subspace Castle: Sacboy in his machine The true final world. Sacboy has come to end his rivalry with Mario, who will be crowned victorious in their battle? Only time will tell...

Story (ending) Edit

Story Ending

Mario and the gang finally reach Bowser's Castle. They defeat Bowser in a pretty difficult battle and go to rescue the princess and the Toads, when the find the cage empty. Inside is a note. It said: My Mushroom-loving Rival

I have taken your beloved princess and her two cowardly servants. You are my ever-lasting rival, so I have come to put an end to it...and your life. I come from Sony, my name: Sacboy. If you want to see your princess for one last time, and face your doom, then head out of the castle and use the warp-pipe to my own dimension. If you make it to me, I'll be surprised, but will easily take you out in battle. Mwhahaha!

See you soon, plumber!

Mario rushes out the castle with his friends. They enter the warp-pipe and fight their way through Sacboy's twisted dimension. They reach him, but he defeats them easily. Mario is near death, when Starlow appears and transforms him into Superstar Mario, as well as his friends. They then start the true battle with the Sony representative. Sacboy loses and is sent back to the Sony-verse. Mario and friends head back with the princess and they celebrate with a party. Pacman agrees to stay in the Marioverse, as Blinky is still working with Bowser, who they know is still alive. The camera then shows Bowser and his minions. Bowser complains at their 'attempt' to stop Mario, but keeps them hired, saying they have a lot to learn...

Gameplay Edit

There are four different modes: three Mario modes (one single player, two mulitplayer) and one Pacman mode.

Gameplay in Mario mode works the same as Super Mario Bros. and its sequels. It features power-ups too. The controls are as following:

Button Effect
D-pad (left of right) walk, enter sideways pipe
D-pad (down) crouch, enter pipe
D-pad (up) enter door, jump off Yoshi
1 run, throw fire-ball (certain power-ups), attack (cape), tongue (Yoshi)
2 jump, fly (cape), flutter-jump (Yoshi)

Mario mode also features two player modes, where the second player is Luigi. There are two types of 2-player mode: retro and joined. Retro works like Super Mario Bros. and joined works like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In multiplayer, luigi rides Glowy instead of Yoshi. If Luigi jumps on Yoshi (or Mario jumps on Glowy) it will be changed to their respectful dino friend.

Pacman mode works alittle differently. Pacman has only two power-ups (excluding Superstar). One is a pac-dot, which gives him extra HP. Each Pac-dot adds one to his HP, to the maximum of 5. He also has Power-pellets, which work like a Starman. These are his controls:

Button Effect
D-pad (left or right) walk, enter sideways pipe
D-pad (down) enter pipe
D-pad (up) enter door
1 run, shoot pac-dot (Superstar)
2 jump

Power-ups Edit

Normal Power-ups Edit

Name Image Item Effect
Small Mario
none Mario has 1 HP. If he is hit, he loses a life.
Super Mario
Super Mushroom Mario gains height, strength and now has 2HP. If he is hit, he turns back into Small Mario.
Fire Mario
Fire Flower Mario gains pyrokinesis and has 3HP. If he gets hit, he turns back into Super Mario.
Cape Mario
Cape Feather Mario gains a cape, giving him the ability of flight! He has 3HP. If he is hit, he turns back into Super Mario.
Frog Mario
Frog Suit Mario hops about on land, gaining a higher jump. He is excellent underwater. He has 3HP. If he is hit, he turns back into Super Mario.
Invincible/ Starman
Starman Mario
Starman Mario is invincible! If he hits an enemy, they are defeated. The power-up doesn't effect your previous one, but only lasts ten seconds.
Superstar Mario
Starlow (gives him this ability in a cutscene) Mario can fly, shoot fireballs and is near invincible! He uses this form to take down Sacboy and his machine.
Green Star
Green Star Mario's power-up is upgraded!

Green Star Power-ups Edit

If Mario finds a Green Star, he gains a Special Ability, also know as a Green Star Power-up. Mario can find Green Star's in ? Blocks, or in toad houses. Here is a list of them:

Name Image Item / Combination Effect
Starman Mario
Green Star + Small Mario gains the effects of a Super Mushroom and a Starman. 
Mega Mario
Green Star + Super Mario grows in size and destroys EVERYTHING in his path! It only lasts for fifteen seconds though...
Super Fiery
Super Fiery Mario
Green Star + Fire Mario gains the ability to throw a huge fire-dragon at will. It is very similar to Kirby's Monster Flame. It lasts until the end of the level.
P-Wing Mario
Green Star + Cape Mario can now fly infinitely! It lasts until the end of the level.
Winged Frog
Winged Frog Mario
Green Star + Cape Mario can now control like he is underwater in any level. He flies through the air as easy as he swims. It lasts until the end of the level.
Superstar Mario
Green Star + Starman Mario can fly, shoot fireballs and is invincible! It last forever, but can be turned off in the menu screen or the pause screen.

Bosses Edit

World Name Image How to defeat
1 fort Goomba Jump on his head 3 times.
1 castle False Bowser Jump on the moving block and jump over him. Then press the button on the other side of the draw bridge to lower him into the lava.
2 fort Cheep Cheep Wait for her to jump over the bridge then jump on her three times.
2 castle Cheepskipper Wait for the room to unflood, then jump on him. Do this three times.
3 fort H. Bro Wait for him to come into 'your dimension' then jump on him. Do this three times.
3 castle mummipokey Wait for him to appear out of the ground. Jump on his head five times.
4 fort Boo Turn on all the lights to solidify her, then jump on her. Do this three times.
4 castle Dry Bones Dry Bones throws bones at you. Avoid them and wait for him to try to ground pound you, then lure him to a certain area on the Brick Block floor. There are three layers. It works like SMB3's Bowser battle.
5 fort Koopa Jump on his head, then wait for him to come out of his shell. Do this four times.
5 castle Toxic Piranha Plant The plant shoots poison balls at you. When he comes out a pipe and is red, jump on him. When he is green, avoid him.
6 fort Paragoomba Wait for him to swoop down, then jump on him. Do this three times.
6 castle Master Hand Jump on him when he swoops down to stun him. Then use a Bob-omb and have it explode next to him. Do this five times.
7 fort Jack O. Goomba Jump on his pumpkin twice to destroy it, then on his head. Do this three times.
7 castle Icy Cheepskipper Same as World 2 battle, but he shoots iceballs at you in the flooded segments and you have to jump on him seven times.
8 fort Bullet Bill Lure him to a wall and jump over him. He should hit the wall. Do this three times.
8 castle Kamek
The same as his NSMBU battle, but jump on him 5 times.
9 fort Blinky Use the starman/power-pellet given to you during the battle and hit him five times.
9 castle Phase one: Metal Bowser
Metal Bowser
Hit the button that appears. This makes a Thwomp fall on Bowser and breaks his metal protection. Then jump on his head. He then re-gains his power-up. Do this five times.
9 castle Phase two: Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car
Bowser Clown Car
The same as Bowser Jr.'s NSMBU battle, but jump on his head ten times.
9 castle Phase three: Giga Bowser
Giga Bowser chases you on his flagship. Throw Mecha Koopas at him to slow him down. Press the button at the end.
10 castle Phase one: Sacboy's machine Shoot Sacboy's machine 50 times with your fireballs/pac-dots.
10 castle Phase two: Sacboy Sacboy now has a jet pack. Use your fireballs/pac-dots to hit him 10 times. However, he is good at dodging.

Enemies Edit

Every Mario game has it's enemies. Here is a list of them:

Name Image Behaviour
Goomba walk endlessly
Paragoomba hop, face Mario
Bone Goomba walk endlessly
Spike Goomba walk endlessly
Koopa Troopa walk endlessly
Red Koopa Troopa walk endlessly, turn around at cliffs
Koopa Paratroopa fly endlessly
Hammer Bro. throw hammers, three at a time, jump.
Green Lakitu throw Red Spinies
Red Lakitu throw Blue Spinies
Red Spiny walk endlessly
Blue Spiny walk endlessly, turn around at cliffs
Buzzy Beetle walk endlessly
Cheep Cheep swim endlessly
Spiny Cheep Cheep swim, home in on Mario
Blooper swim, follow Mario
Air Blooper float, follow Mario
Piranha Plant pop out of a warp-pipe from time to time
Venus Fire trap pop out of a warp-pipe and shoot a fireball at Mario
Bullet Bill Fired out of a cannon, fly forwards
Boo float towards Mario, hide their faces and stay in place if looked at
Red Boo float towards Mario
Dry Bones walk endlessly, turn around at cliff, rebuild after ten seconds of being broken
Flyphant fly up and down, shoot cannonballs at Mario
Mecha Koopa walk endlessly, wake twenty seconds after being put on 'sleep mode'
Bob-omb walk endlessly, explode five seconds after being activated
Golden Bob-omb walk endlessly, turn around at cliff, explode with a larger radius than a normal Bob-omb five seconds after being activated.
Podoboo jump out of the lava for a second
Monty Mole run after Mario, if they hit a wall, it takes a second to get running again
Pokey shuffle back and forth across the ground. 

Items and objects Edit

As in all Mario games, there are items and objects, here is a list of them:

Item/Object Image Bio
Super Mushroom Transforms Mario into Super Mario
Fire Flower Transforms Mario into Fire Mario
Cape Feather Transforms Mario into Cape Mario
Frog Suit Transforms Mario into Frog Mario
Starman Gives Mario invincibility
Green Star Let's Mario upgrade his power-up
Yoshi Egg Hatches Yoshi or Glowy
Pac-Dot Gives Pacman 1HP
Power Pellet Gives Pacman invincibility
1-UP Mushroom Gives an Extra life
Coin 100 of these give an extra life
Ace Coins There are three of these in each level, find them to spend at Toad Houses.
? Block
Brick Block Super Mario and above power-ups can smash these blocks
Used Block Blocks that have been used. The cannot be broken and sometimes make up the stairs near the flagpoles.
Vine A long beanstalk that Mario can climb to enter higher areas and Coin Heavens.
Flagpole The pole at the end of the level. The higher you get, the better the treat.
Checkpoint Flag This flag marks the halfway point. If Mario hits the flag, if he dies, he will respawn at the flag. If Mario is small Mario, it will transform him to Super Mario. If Pacman has 1HP, it will give him an extra HP.
Door A door can be entered to enter another area.
Warp-Pipe a warp-pipe can be entered to enter another area.

Sequel Edit

The game is set to have a sequel based of Super Mario Bros. 2. The game will be the second in the series. It isn't confirmed if Pacman will appear or not.

Credit Edit

The Super Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition) belongs to LuckyEmile. All characters and power-ups belong to Nintendo, Namco, Alpha Dream, LuckyEmile or Alvin Earthworm. Thanks to everyone who uploaded or created the pictures used in the article. 

Glowy belongs to LuckyEmile (and Nintendo I guess), but is a free to use character. However if you use him, it would be nice to give credit to LuckyEmile, but you don't have to.

Wikia Redux Edit

This article has corrected spelling errors, or is currently doing so, and changed Boo from male to female. Master Hand was also promoted from Bowser's minion to Bowser's ally. Octoboo was added to the list of characters and world 4 was renamed from "Ghosty Ruins" to "Ghostly Ruins". A full redux may be made soon, maybe cutting Pacman, but adding new features instead.