Super Mario Bros. 2 (LuckyEmile edition) is the sequel toSuper Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition). This game is based off Mario's version of Doki Doki Panic, Super Mario Bros. 2.

Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Name Image Description
Mario The hero is back! He is out to save the Mushroom kingdom from Wart by entering Subcon, but this is a real place!
Luigi Mario's cowardly bro. is back too. He may have no fear of frogs (yet), but he doesn't know what he's truly up against.
Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has to save her Kingdom too. She entered the Warp-pipe to Subcon to stop Wart and Bowser from taking over the Mushroom kingdom and turning it into a dream.
Blue Toad Blue Toad has come back in business, even if Yellow Toad stayed at home. He can't let some frog take over his home, whatever the size.
Rosalina The pretty princess of the Marioverse. Wart is planning not only to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but kidnap her and force her to turn the whole kingdom into a dream. You have to save her and your kingdom!
Subcon-Toad A Toad from Subcon! He let Mario and friends enter Subcon to stop Wart, so without him, they would all be turned into a dream.
Pacman Pacman went on holiday back to his home, but this doesn't mean you can't play as him. Once you beat the game, Pacman mode is unlocked, which is retro glory. 

Villains Edit

Name Image Description
Wart The evil king has taken over Subcon again! This time, however, he has teamed up with Bowser and secretly plans to turn the Mushroom Kingdom into a dream.
Bowser Bowser has teamed up with Wart to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but Wart isn't as good of an ally to him as he thinks.
Kamek Bowser's Magikoopa assistant is also in Subcon. They left most of the troops back in the dark realm.
Birdo Birdo is back with Wart. He will shoot his eggs at you once again, but that's all he is really doing for Wart.
Mouser Mouser is back and has more bombs ready to be thrown. He'll do anything for Wart.
Tryclyde The three-headed serpent is back and looking for revenge on Mario. He obviously is true to Wart, but he doesn't really know what the Mushroom Kingdom is.
Clawgrip The rock-throwing crab is back and better than ever...actually, he's about the same. He will use his rocks to help Wart, so you better look out.
Fryguy This fireball is back! He is looking forward to burning Mario and his friends. He is probably a pyromaniac, but why wouldn't a fireball be one?
General Guy The leader of the Shy Guys has joined Warts gang and has trained the troops. Wart must be pleased Bowser joined his army.

Story Edit

The story starts with Bowser in the Dark Realm, still upset about his troops loosing. He then sees a cyan warp-pipe appear out of the ground. Bowser asks Boo to check it out. Boo does so and tells Bowser "A giant frog wants to speak with you, sire". Bowser enters the pipe and meets Wart, who asks him to join forces to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser agrees and asks Boo to get Kamek and his new minion, General Guy. Both enter and they start the plan. 

Meanwhile, Mario wakes up from another dream about Subcon. Luigi tells Mario it is nothing to worry about and say they should have a picnic to forget about it. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Rosalina have a picnic in the shade of a tree. Suddenly, a pipe appears and out of it comes a three-headed snake and a giant crab. They take Rosalina and re-enter the warp-pipe. They say as they enter: "The kingdom will be ours". Mario tells Luigi and Peach that those two are characters from his dreams of Subcon. The pipe disappears into the ground as they were about to enter. They sigh and go to the castle for a meeting.  Many of the Toads couldn't attend and only Blue Toad came. Then a cyan warp-pipe appears in the castle and out of it pops a Toad-like man. He introduces himself as a Subcon-Toad and tell the gang to enter and stop Wart from turning the whole kingdom into a dream. They enter the warp-pipe and their adventure begins.

Worlds Edit

World Name Theme Bosses Description
1 Subcon Fields grassland 1: Pink Birdo

2: Pink Birdo

3: Mouser

The grassland where Mario and friends begin their quest. Get ready for a new adventure!
2 Dusty Dunes desert 1: Red Birdo

2: Red Birdo

3: Tryclyde

The sand streches for miles and miles. At the end awaits the snake who kidnapped Rosalina, maybe she'll be with him...
3 Grassy Meadows grassland 1: Pink Birdo

2: Blue Birdo

3: Mouser

Another grassland. This place almost reminds you of the Mushroom kingdom. Speaking of which, we better get to Wart fast.
4 Sunny Seaside beach 1: Blue Birdo

2: Blue Birdo

3: Clawgrip

A beach that would be lovely to rest on. Maybe once the Mushroom Kingdom is saved, Mario and pals could relax there.
5 Icy lake ice 1: White Birdo

2: Cyan Birdo

3: Fry Guy

These icy plains are really slippery. Mind your step.
6 Rocky Road mountain 1: Blue Birdo

2: Green Birdo

3: Clawgrip

The mountain range isn't very high, almost flat. Well, I guess that makes our job easier.
7 Bowser's Keep fortress 1: General Guy

2: Kamek

3: Bowser

Bowser got his own fortress for working with Wart. Lucky reptile. Hopefully, Wart will be with him.
8 Wart's Castle Castle 1: Mega Green Birdo

2: Wart (twice)

The final world! We'll track down Wart and save Subcon, the Mushroom Kingdom and Rosalina, let's press on...

Story (ending)Edit

Mario, Luigi, Peach and Blue Toad finally reach Wart's castle. At the end of the castle, they find Wart and Rosalina tied up. Wart throws Rosalina in a cage, and two Beezos take her to another room. They then face Wart in a fiery battle. Mario is powered-up and takes on Wart a second time. Wart is then defeated.  Mario enters the next room and frees Rosalina. They are then teleported back to Subcon Toad and he let's them leave Subcon. He tells them they can come to Subcon anytime in his thanks. They then enter the warp-pipe and talk about their adventure with Rosalina. 

Meanwhile, Bowser, Kamek and General Guy help Wart up and Wart tells them they are horrible soldiers. Bowser is furious, but Kamek and General Guy hold him back. They go back to the Dark Realm via the warp-pipe and leave Wart and his minions. Wart, out of anger, punches the wall, however, this causes the whole castle to fall on top of them. Just before they are crushed, the screen goes black and then you hear Wart roar out in pain.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay is pretty much the same as Super Mario Bros. 2. Mario can sprout vegetables and throw them, as well as pick up enemies and blocks. These are the controls:

Button Effect
D-pad (left or right) walk
D-pad (down) sprout vegetable, pick up
1 throw, run
2 jump

Once the game is complete, Pacman mode is unlocked, which is just a reskin of the original Pacman. The player only has to use the D-pad and press the direction they want to go in. Press 2 for any other option (e.g. start, next level?, etc.)

Forms Edit

In this game, Mario and the gang only have two forms. Regular form and Ultra form. The ultra form can sprout vegetables at will, but only appears at the final battle.

Bosses Edit

This game features a few new bosses. This is a list of all the bosses, their abilities and weaknesses:

Name Ability How to Defeat
Pink Birdo shoot eggs (slower that the Birdo in SMB2) pick up the egg and throw it at him three times.
Mouser throws bombs pick up the bomb and throw it at him four times.
Red Birdo shoots eggs at the same speed as Pink Birdo and fireballs pick up the egg at throw it at him three times.
Tryclyde shoot fireballs that travel pretty fast pick up the near-by mushroom block and throw them at him five times.
Blue Birdo shoots eggs at the same speed as SMB2, if not a little faster pick up the egg and throw it at him three times.
Mouser 2 throws bombs same as before, but now five times.
Clawgrip throws rocks pick up the rock and hit him five times.
White Birdo shoots eggs at the same speed as Pink Birdo and iceballs pick up the egg and throw it at him.
Cyan Birdo shoots iceballs at the same speed as Blue Birdo pick up the near-by mushroom blocks and throw them at him three times.
Fry Guy shoot fireballs throw the near-by mushroom blocks at him. After doing this four times, he splits into four Mini Fry Guys. Throw the mushroom blocks at them to defeat them.
Green Birdo shoots fireballs at the same speed as Blue Birdo pick up the near-by mushroom blocks and throw them at him three times.
General Guy orders Shy Guys and Pyro Guys to attack throw the Shy Guys at him when he is in the arena three times.
Kamek shoots magic at Mario lure the magic into a stone block to turn it into a mushroom block and throw it at him three times.
Bowser breaths fire, ice and shoots magic lure the magic into a stone block to turn it into a mushroom block and throw it at him five times.
Wart blows bubbles, shoots fireballs and iceballs and throws vegetables catch the vegetable he throws and throw it back at him three times.
Wart 2  blows bubble, shoot fireballs and iceballs and throws stone blocks. He also calls in Pyro Guys. He also uses a plasma shield. throw vegetables at him fifty times when he isn't using his shield.

Enemies Edit

Here is a list of enemies:

Name Behaviour Image
Red Shy Guy walks endlessly, can be picked up
Blue Shy Guy walks endlessly, turns around at cliff, can be picked up
Yellow Shy Guy Jumps up and down, can be picked up after being stunned by a vegetable
Green Shy Guy throws spiked balls, can be picked up
White Shy Guy run endlessly, can be picked up
Fat Guy walks endlessly, causes the screen to shake when thrown, can be picked up
Pyro Guy Walk endlessly, cannot be picked up
Beezo fly endlessly, can be picked up
Snifit shoots cannonballs, can be picked up
Cobrat jump out of the ground or a vase, can be picked up
Projectile Cobrat jump out of the ground or a vase and shoot a fireball, can be picked up
Bob-omb walks endlessly, when thrown it explodes two seconds later, can be picked up
Flurry they slide on the ice and try to hit Mario, can be picked up
Hoopster They climb up and down the vines, due this they can't be picked up
Ninji They run at Mario and when near him, jump at him, can be picked up if skilled
Panser shoot fireballs at Mario, cannot be picked up
Pokey shuffle back and forth across the ground, can be picked up, but one segment at a time.
Phanto stay still until Mario grabs a key. He then shouts "keeeeey!" and attacks Mario. he cannot be picked up
Pidgit rides a flying carpet and try to fly into Mario. He drops Spinies, can be picked up
Spiny walk endlessly, cannot be picked up
Amp fly around in circles, cannot be picked up
Cheep Cheep jump out the water, can be picked up
Tweeter hop around and face Mario, can be picked up


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