The Misadventures of Sariel, Mima, Yumemi, Yuuka and Shinko!! doesn't just feature the main five, oh no! There are quite a few secondary characters, so here's a page about them!


So far only mentioned.

A nuclear-powered robotic maid created by Yomemi. Also known as "the best she [Yomemi] can do", as a mock. Currently Reimu's maid.


So far only mentioned

One of Yuuka's gatekeeper-cum-maids, and her right-hand woman. She is confirmed to appear soon.


Confirmed to appear soon.

One of Yuuka's gatekeeper-cum-maids. She is a vampire, and so fears running water (for her, showers are a no go).


So far only mentioned.

Mima's understudy.


So far only mentioned.

shinko's understudy,


Hinted to appear.

The main character of the actual Touhou Project Series. Has defeated the main cast on at least one occasion. It is most likely her appearance will lead to the main cast wanting revenge.

Watatsuki No Yorihime

A lunarian who can call upon the power of gods! Appears in jokes concerning the moon and/or space. For example, wondering what the Twilight Spark is (as it can be seen from space).

Watatsuki No Toyohime

A lunarian with a holier-than-thou personality and a racist tongue. She sees lunarians as the supreme race and looks down on every non-lunarian. Due to this, she is used as a GLaDOS-esque character and is obviously comdy-orientered, but with dark-humour. Like her sister, she is also included in jokes concering the moon and/or space.


A joke character, but hardly in the secondary cast, if a "minor cast" page is made, she's probably going there...

Remilia appears for the obvious reason of being the sixth game's final boss, hence wanting to be part of this "final boss club", not realising it is for PC-98. She kinda starts a plot hole too, as the show is set before the events of EoSD. On several occasions, Remi says she should be let in as she created the Scarlet Mist, but is always reminded this for PC-98s.


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