The Galick Gun Formula is a short series of equations that can only be used on one situation to find the power of Vegeta's move, the Galick Gun, from Dragon Ball Z. In order to find this, the energy clash from the Saiyan Saga was used. However, due to this, this is the only time the formula can be correct. It was created by LuckyEmile.

The FormulaEdit

(Gx3) + K = P + V

P = (P+V) - V

(In this formula, G = Goku's power, V = Vegeta's power, K = the power of a Kamehameha on its own, and P = the power of a Galick Gun on its own.

The MathsEdit

Since, in the one scene this formula works (the energy clash of Goku's Kaio-Ken x3 Kamehameha and Vegeta's Galick Gun) the powers are as following:

G = 8,150 V= 18,000

We can add these numbers to the formula. The power of a Kamehameha is worked out in the battle with Raditz as 508. Therefore:

(8150 x 3) + 508 = P + 18000

8150 x 3 = 24450

24450 + 508 = 24958

Therefore, the Kaio-Ken x3 Kamehameha during the energy clash had the power of 24,958. Since Vegeta quotes "His beam is as powerful as my Galick Gun"we can tell that this also equals "P + V".

Therefore, to find the power of a lone Galick Gun, we must take away 18,000, which gives us the total of 6958!

The Galick Gun's power is 6985Edit

That is just over 13 times more powerful than a Kamehameha!