Is a project made by me! Now here are the functions of Body Land. These are the list of the functions and stuff in Body Land!

Functions Edit

Main Edit

Nervous System Edit

BRAIN - the controller of all other body parts mostly has the most power

Spinal Cord - is where the Creativity Train comes through giving ideas to the Brain

NERVES - are information givers and always give information to the Spinal Cord and the Spinal Cord give it to the Brain

Other Parts Edit

Lungs - Are airbags and gives in and out oxygen for the boy (Timmy)

HEART - Blood pumpers or cleaners! They are mostly friendly and well-liked by the rest of the workers

Stomach - The Food grinder and the hungry one… it digests food and sends it to the Small Intestines

SMALL INTESTINES - it is there and is the home of the security of the body. It also finishes digestion

Large Intestines - the protectors of the Small Intestines. It also sends waste out of the body when we need to go to the toilet

KIDNEYS - Filters blood and remove blood from urine. It is also one of the smallest organs in our body!

Liver - The one that kills all the germs from food… it is by far the largest organ of the body…

Minor Parts Edit

Gallbladder - It stores waste in our body and is located under the Liver

Nerves - The message senders and sends message to the Spinal Cord giving it permission to give messages to the brain.

Aveoli - a place which is the end of the journey of oxygen

Other Places Edit

Creativity Train - it is where it's our imagination comes in and out!

Workers Edit

Mr. Bloody - a professor of the Body he is like a scientist

Bloodsome - is the work checkers means he checks if someone did their work or not

Platelets - one of the emergency team saving blood from being wasted

Scab - Scabs are formed when Platelets gather around and cover the wound that has been made or caused by something dangerous