Touhou RP overview

White and Touhou crossover RP:Edit

Scene 1: SDM gate and outskirtsEdit

Koakuma goes outside and is greeted by Meiling. She tells Meiling she will be back by afternoon. A while into her walk, she spots what looks like a shooting star. She is confused, since it is late morning time and one wasn't due, but she then sees it is not a shooting star. It is revealed to the White, who had crash landed on his Dragoon. Koakuma is shocked and asks if he is ok. He is unconscious, so she takes him to the SDM.

Scene 2: SDM libraryEdit

White wakes up. Koakuma tells him he crash landed and she took him to Patchouli to look after him. He thanks Patchy and is confused about where he is. Koakuma tells him he is in Gensokyo, much to White's shock. Sakuya enters and is suspicious about him. He tells them he is from the World of Trophies, and he is confused of how he got here. Patchy tells him that the Hakurei Border probably weakened again. White asks some dimensional questions about Gensokyo, but no one knows the answer. Remilia enters and explains about it, since she is older than it. Patchy is amazed by how smart Remilia is, and Remilia explains she knows alot due to hanging round her.

White tells them about the Subspace Dimension, which Patchy has a small knowledge on. She asks Koakuma to get her book on "Omniversal Science", which Koakuma fetches. They find out more about it, and White remembers his Subspace grenade. Sakuya is prepared to knife him, but he calms her down.

Flandre enters, and thinks White is a new toy. Remilia shouts at Flan, telling her he is a guest. Flan gives up, and Koakuma greets her. Flan hugs Koakuma and then Sakuya takes her back to the basement. Patchouli and Koakuma agree to go with White to Subspace.

Scene 3: Misty LakeEdit

They go outside, so not to damage anything with the grenade. White throws it, and a huge portal is formed. Cirno and Daiyousei see this from behind a bush, and Cirno gets overconfident and "challenges" the portal. She freezes Koakuma and Patchouli up to their necks, and goes to freeze White, but he blocks the attack with a mirror. Cirno and White enter battle, and Cirno accidently freezes Daiyousei with her Ice Danmaku. Due to her horrible aim, and White's pyrokinetic abilities and mirrors, Cirno loses a is set on fire. See jumps into the lake.

Daiyousei is concerned for Cirno, and White starts to talk to her. He unfreezes her after a bit of calming her down. He then frees Koakuma and Pathy. Marisa zooms into the portal on her broom, causing Patchy a bit if annoyance. White throws the Dragoon into the portal, followed by himself, and then Koakuma and Patchouli. Cirno sneaks in too, and Daiyousei nervously follows.

Scene 4: subspaceEdit

White give Koakuma and Patchouli a little information on the dimension, when they come across Marisa. Patchouli knows it is Marisa from her voice, but Marisa tries to hide it. (However, he over-use of "ze~" gives it away) White gets annoyed by the word and Marisa reveals herself. She then zooms off, and White warns her she could get lost, but she ignores him.

White fixes the Dragoon, when he hears someone call him a "baka". He knows it is Cirno, but is not in the mood to fight. Cirno, instead of challenging him, notes how Subspace is dark, and she knows a certain person who likes darkness. She calls in Rumia, who is quickly defeated by White, as she is only a "poor stage 1 boss". Cirno accuses him of cheating and removes Rumia's amulet for her. Rumia gains her dark sword, wings and a massive power increase as she enters her EX form. Subspace is plunged into pure darkness, however, Patchouli uses Royal Flare to light up the area, however, the darkness is so intense, that it can only make enough light to make things just about visible. White tries to fight her, but her power is too much. He uses his mirror to block her attack, but it is penetrated due to mirrors being made to reflect light, not darkness. Patchouli notes that to defeat Rumia, they will have to put her amulet back on. White uses a spell to have Rumia's amulet fly to him and goes to put it on her. Rumia flies off and White tries to catch her on the Dragoon. Rumia shoots Danmaku, and Cirno does the same. White dodges them and Rumia decides it isn't working. She turns round and points her sword at him. White avoids it and creates a mirror image of himself, which flew into the sword. Rumia can't believe she won, until she is taped on the shoulder by White. She lets him put her amulet back on her, as he put up a good fight. Cirno is mad with Rumia for giving up, when Patchouli ties her and Daiyousei up. She also ties up Rumia, as they could cause mischief. White feels bad for Daiyousei, but they press on. They ride the Dragoon into the portal to the Isle of Ancient.

Scene 5: Isle of Ancient and Sky CityEdit

White, Koakuma and Patchouli enter the Island, and see Sky City nearby. Koakuma and Patchy are impressed, when they hear Marisa. Marisa asks why they took so long, not knowing about the battle with Rumia. After a short conversation, she flies off to Sky City. Patchy complains that she will probably "borrow" something, which Marisa, indeed, does. An alarm is set off which scares Marisa a bit. Worried about being attacked, she fires a Master Spark, which accidentally destroys a lot of Sky City. She feels awful and flies home to go see Alice and forget what happened. Patchy shouts at Marisa, saying to stay away from Alice, but is cut off in mid-sentence as she wanted to keep her crush on Alice secret, at least from Marisa. Marisa flies back home, and White is unaware that she destroyed the city. Patchouli tell White Marisa did it and tells him the secret of why she hates her. (She steals her books, but the main reason is there love-rivalry for Alice) koakuma tries to cheer up Patchy and then they go to investigate the damage.

Scene 6: Sky City RuinsEdit

Red, orange, yellow and blue are at the ruins, and mad at Marisa. White, Patchouli and Koakuma meet them, but White is in a rush and says there is no time for introducing. He goes after Marisa, and spawns the Comet Blitz. Koakuma wonders why they are making such a big deal, as Marisa is hardly a threat, but they remind her she destroyed the city. Patchouli tells Koakuma that they are right, and Koakuma agrees. They then board the ship and head off. White asks if anyone knew where Marisa went. Patchouli replies, saying that Marisa said she was heading home, meaning she went to the portal. So White steers the Comet Blitz into the portal. Patchouli remember that see left Cirno, Daiyousei and Rumia tied up near the portal to Gensokyo and informs White just before they teleport.

Scene 7: subspaceEdit

Patchouli remembers that White said he had enemies. She tells him she hopes none find Cirno, Daiyousei and Rumia before them, or even spread into Gensokyo. White checks his radar, only to find out that very thing happened: Dark Matter was heading into Gensokyo! They collect Rumia, Cirno amd Daiyousei and keep them in the Comet Blitz. They head through the portal to Gensokyo to stop Dark Matter and warn everyone.

Scene 8: Misty LakeEdit

They land the Comet Blitz near the Misty Lake. Koakuma gets worried about all the possible things that could happen if Dark Matter possessed someone. Patchouli calms her down and tells her to warn everyone at the SDM about it. She does so and heads off. Patchouli tells White she is going to Hakugyokurou to warn Youmu and Yuyuko. She then head off, leaving White with the other DMR members. White is about to search for Dark Matter when he hears a voice in the distance questioning about "a huge eye". White knows what this means and is about to head off, when Marisa comes along. She apologies about what she did, and White tells her it is her fault that Dark Matter is in Gensokyo. Marisa is confused, as she is unaware of what Dark Matter is. Blue explains and she apologies more. White tells her its too late, and Marisa teams up with him to make up for it. As they are about to go, a voice, unmistakably Aya's, cries "what a scoop!" Aya enters and takes photos of the Comet Blitz and White, and asking questions of the scene. This annoys White and in almost breaks Aya's camera (luckily, it was her spare). She tells him she needs it for the Bunbunmaru news, as it is losing popularity. White then gets an idea and writes down something on a note, and hands it to Aya, telling her to spread the news. She takes the note and flies off. Marisa asks what the note was about, which White replies it is about Dark Matter. As they are about to head of, then hear Patchouli crying for help, and head to Hakugyokurou.

Scene 9: Hakugyokurou entranceEdit

Patchouli, Youmu and Yuyuko are spun up in Yamame's giant web. White comes with Marisa and tries to free them, but it is no use. Yamame enters and is revealed to be possessed by Dark Matter. White uses the Light Claw on her, and the Dark Matter leaves her body. Just as they think it is safe, Shadoo appears and possesses White. "White" then threatens to kill the others, when Marisa distracts him and Yamame gets away. Marisa challenges Shadoo to danmaku, but he declines the request. She tells him he might as well leave, as he doesn't know Danmaku. She explains its importance, but Shadoo ignores her. He taunts her, trying to make her attack him, but she declines it. Then, a nuclear blast hits "White", knocking him unconscious. Shadoo leaves his body and find Utsuho. They talk about their power, and Shadoo taunts her. She ignores the taunts, and tells him about Reimu. Utsuho makes jokes about Shadoo, which angers him. She gives him allittle taster if her power, then leaves out of boredom. Marisa goes to free everyone, but gets tangled up in the web herself and ends up getting mummified. Shadoo tells them "News flash: your sitting in your graves", to which he is replied: "News Flash: so are you" by Aya. Shadoo attacks Aya with lightning, but she takes a photo of it, erasing it. This confuses him. He goes to possess Aya, but she blinds him with her camera and dashes behind him. As Aya is ready to fight him, Hatate flies up to Aya and joins her.

Scene 10: Hakurei Shrine and its outskirtsEdit

Meanwhile, in the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu wakes up from a nightmare, which included White and Dark Matter. She simply just tries to forget it, feeling that it didn't mean anything. She decides to get some fresh air, and possibly some exercise and puts on some casual clothes to match her plans. After getting changed, she is greeted by Ruukoto. After a quick conversation, Reimu exits the Shrine and walks down the shrine stairs. At the bottom, she sees Alice, Shanghai and Hourai. After a bit of conversing, to two spot Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue.

After some introductions, the Popopos tell Reimu and Alice about White and Marisa and how they are in trouble. Reimu fetches her orbs quickly. She wishes she could change into her uniform, but she realises she is pressed for time. Alice tells Shanghai and Hourai to stay with Ruukoto, which they do. reimu worried Cirno and her friends would get in the way, which then reveals to the Popopos they missed two. They are reassured and then head off.