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  • LuckyEmile

    August picture

    August 3, 2014 by LuckyEmile

    as you know, i change my picture every month, and now it is August... and i am stuck. I don't know what to use... so i came down to two pictures... and i don't know which is best...

    (both feature a girl called Alice, so how fitting)

    I like the MariAli picture, as it is my OTP and looks kinda cute... also, Alice (on the right) is wearing her PC-98 outfit (her equivalent of Mario's NES red overalls and brown shirt)... i always liked the PC-98 outfits...

    but, i like the one of Alice (and Shanghai, her doll) which that insane look on her face... as well, it fits me: an insane Alice...

    so, i will leave it to you... vote time!!!

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  • LuckyEmile

    Future canon

    April 12, 2014 by LuckyEmile

    Yes, the news is now out... Scarlet is getting a new canon, but it is very different. More indepth news will be given soon!

    Original transcript:

    It has now been confirmed there will be TWO canon: the current one that takes place in the present, and a new one which takes place in the future. The future canon is separate from the main canon, and should not be mixed, it takes place in an alternate version of Scarlet's Universe, being in the same Multiverse, but not Universe. The character herself is practically the same, but in an AU. This works like the "Zelda Timeline": A certain event happens causing the future canon, however, this was avoided in the main canon, meaning that the event has two outcome, forming two canons.

    A few updates will be…

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  • LuckyEmile

    resent RP

    March 2, 2014 by LuckyEmile
    • Emily is sitting in her house when White, Ham and Dreb storm in.
    • She has her Turrets attack, but they are no use. Dreb learns teleportaton and escapes.
    • she sees no point in the battle, since she can't win
    • she hugs a turret and White and Ham try to make her feel a little better
    • however, the turret shoots White (on the scar, knocking him out) and Ham, burning his wing
    • she then reviles, since she is technically GLaDOS, she owns the handheld portal divide from portal
    • she uses it to lock White and Ham in a chamber with three turrets
    • the two fake their death and White uses his ghost ability and escapes
    • Ham becomes an alicorn by accident, and escapes, before fainting
    • White carries him away, and they enter the testing area
    • Emily runs after them and tries to…
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  • LuckyEmile

    the RP notes

    February 17, 2014 by LuckyEmile
    • Youmu (still just in underwear), Scotch and White were relaxing
    • they get bored and head of to a flower field
    • there they meet Yuuka
    • Scotch goes to fight her, but she blocks with her parasol.
    • scotch escapes, whilst White battles Yuuka
    • after a long battle, Yuuka throws White out.
    • Youmu goes to follow him, but gets tied up by Yuuka's vines (since Yuuka has agrokinesis)

    • white lands by Aya
    • Scotch is also here
    • White realises they are all in the world of Nothing (from Super Paper mario)
    • Aya knows about this place due to an old report
    • Aya spots a black ship wreck-like object coming out the ground.
    • White goes to investigate
    • scotch goes too
    • Aya spots a ghost and takes picture of things
    • she looks at her picture if the ghost:…

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  • LuckyEmile

    Scene 10 start

    February 8, 2014 by LuckyEmile

    Aow crossover notes:

    Reimu woke up suddenly. She had an expression of fear on her face. He had had a terrible nightmare, in which Gensokyo was in chaos. She couldn't find any familiar faces, only a greyish popopo, who seemed to be her ally, and a huge black eye thing. The sky was dark and cloudy. She was about to use her orbs to fight him, when she got caught in a spider's web. She was trapped. The black eye started to attack her. That is when she woke up. She was reassured to see she was safe and inside her bed in the Hakurei Shrine. She got up and tries to forget the dream. She decided to get some fresh air to try and forget it. She then finds this an opportunity to get some exercise, since all she does is wait at her shrine for something…

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