Yes, the news is now out... Scarlet is getting a new canon, but it is very different. More indepth news will be given soon!

Original transcript:

It has now been confirmed there will be TWO canon: the current one that takes place in the present, and a new one which takes place in the future. The future canon is separate from the main canon, and should not be mixed, it takes place in an alternate version of Scarlet's Universe, being in the same Multiverse, but not Universe. The character herself is practically the same, but in an AU. This works like the "Zelda Timeline": A certain event happens causing the future canon, however, this was avoided in the main canon, meaning that the event has two outcome, forming two canons.

A few updates will be given in a bit!

News made by someone (then edited by me):

News of new "future canon":

It is confirmed, since it is in the future, there will be many new characters. The time is said to be set at a time close to the apocalypse. It is rumoured that Scarlet was preserved in tar somehow, and was freed when she was needed to save the world. She is rumoured to get a new design, but it has now been confirmed that it will only be a change of garments to fit the future. It is rumoured that she left her sceptre behind, meaning magic might not be seen in this canon. This would help separate the canons. Familiar is confirmed to be in. Whether she is there due to immortality or being preserved with Scarlet is a mystery. Project X is not confirmed to return, but it is also unconfirmed they won't return. It is confirmed that only 3 people will return (during the timeline), this makes it more likely Project X will return. However, it may also be Dr. Mage. To make the new canon feel even more unique, the creator has hinted that Scarlet may not be pyrokinetic in this too...Having the power taken away.