• Emily is sitting in her house when White, Ham and Dreb storm in.
  • She has her Turrets attack, but they are no use. Dreb learns teleportaton and escapes.
  • she sees no point in the battle, since she can't win
  • she hugs a turret and White and Ham try to make her feel a little better
  • however, the turret shoots White (on the scar, knocking him out) and Ham, burning his wing
  • she then reviles, since she is technically GLaDOS, she owns the handheld portal divide from portal
  • she uses it to lock White and Ham in a chamber with three turrets
  • the two fake their death and White uses his ghost ability and escapes
  • Ham becomes an alicorn by accident, and escapes, before fainting
  • White carries him away, and they enter the testing area
  • Emily runs after them and tries to attack
  • she then uses a vaccuum to suck up White
  • Ham wakes up and his new horn accidentally attacks Emily
  • White uses his fire ability and escapes the vaccuum, only to see Ham tied up by the turrets
  • Emily threatens to kill him if White attacks, so white surrenders
  • Emily uses Whites jab to her advantage as the turrets open the incinerator
  • the turrets prepare to throw Ham in, but White tells her she could us Ham and to throw him in instead
  • after some persuading, she agrees and throws White in
  • White uses his pyrokinesis to save himself, whilst Emily revivals her nicer, lonely side to Ham
  • after some bonding with Ham, she believes she gained a new friend, but due to her insanity and constant hugs, and the fact she can't trust ham enough to free Ham, makes ham feel like she's weird
  • however, White escapes and uses his invisible cloak to try to regain his backpack
  • then dark comes in and frees Ham, who escapes with White
  • this saddens Emily... and she starts to cry... but then uses the portal gun to reunite with them
  • she and Ham become friends in the end, as well as white. she apologies many times.
  • and then dark had disappeared.
  • White asks for the gun so they can go to sky city. and now they are in sky city

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